Kingdom of Tylsia

Type: Kingdom ♛
Population: Unknown
Server: Oceanus (APAC)
Leaders: Queen Katlynna
Speciality: Unknown

Kingdom of Tylsia Crest


Tylsia formed from a splinter faction of the Kingdom of Aequitas. When King Emery made his tribal preference known, a group of us decided that our playstyle did not suit said tribe - should he secure it - and endeavered to form a community around our own preferences. Thus Tylsia was born, however we wished to stay close with Aequitas as we were once united under one banner. Thus we formed an alliance, and maintain close ties. Whilst a relatively small and tight knit group of players, Tylsians are passionate and determined, and always looking for more friends to welcome into the fold.


Capital Duchy of Falrenstal
Duchy of Sommerlund

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