Kingdom of Lor Voskara

Type: Kingdom ♛
Population: Unknown
Server: Oceanus (APAC)
Leaders: King Xakorai
Speciality: Unknown

Kingdom of Lor Voskara Crest


Boasting a community of like-minded people, citizens can expect a kingdom based on the principals of community, strength and prosperity. All citizens will enjoy a structured, inclusive and active community where emphasis is placed on coming together to help each other achieve common goals. Lor Voskara draws inspiration from many thematic elements and amalgamates these with modern expectations of what it means to be part of gaming community. The result is the freedom to create what you want within a subtle overarching theme and familiarity. Lor Voskara builds upon these influences and makes it our own, creating something unique and immersive for its citizens.


Royal Duchy of Lorandor
Duchy of Acheron
Duchy of Ki Nora
Duchy of Fu'Gussan
Duchy of Kansai-Chihō

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