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Prelyria screenshot of a player near a river.

Prelyria – The New VoxElyria

As most of you will probably already know, VoxElyria was the name for the Chronicles of Elyria test game client, which opened up a way for the developers, and alpha backers to test the game’s core game mechanics without having to integrate everything with the real game release, or the need to create 3D graphics…
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Elyria Celestial Events

Chronicles of Elyria Events Calendar

Even though the game hasn’t been released yet, not even publicly in Alpha or Beta stages, and the Souldbound Studios team are hard at work creating the world of Elyria for us to enjoy, the team are still eager to keep us excited, social and involved while we wait patiently for the time when we…
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Chronicles of Elyria Swamp Desert Biome - Pre Alpha Screenshot

Media Highlights from December

We hope that you’ve all had a fantastic holiday season, Christmas and New Year! December has been pretty quiet on the Chronicles of Elyria news and updates front, and with the holiday season, it’s no surprise. We can surely forgive the dev team for taking a bit of time off, right? Anyway, if you’ve missed…
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A La Carte Item Price List

New Pledge Items from November 2017

Caspian (aka Jeromy Walsh), CEO of Soulbound Studio released a news update this week about a new range of “A La Carte” items (items that can be purchased separately from each other) which will be available within the Chronicles of Elyria official store from the 1st November. These additions, consisting mostly of in-game items will…
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The Tilt Fence

Media Highlights from August

August has come and gone and with the Soulbound Studio team focused on the Jousting showcase for PAX West 2017, we’ve seen a lot of Jousting media released from the team. In case you’ve missed the past few weeks, here’s a run down of the latest screenshots, concept art and clips released from the Chronicles…
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