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A huge city with stone walls.

Kingdom of Tylsia

Type: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Oceanus (APAC) Leaders: Queen Katlynna Speciality: Unknown Description: Tylsia formed from a splinter faction of the Kingdom of Aequitas. When King Emery made his tribal preference known, a group of us decided that our playstyle did not suit said tribe – should he secure it – and endeavered to form a community around…
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Kingdom of Lor Voskara Banner

Kingdom of Lor Voskara

Type: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Oceanus (APAC) Leaders: King Xakorai Speciality: Unknown Description: Boasting a community of like-minded people, citizens can expect a kingdom based on the principals of community, strength and prosperity. All citizens will enjoy a structured, inclusive and active community where emphasis is placed on coming together to help each other achieve common goals. Lor…
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Huge stone walls surround a city.

Kingdom of Aequitas

Type: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Oceanus (APAC) Leaders: King Emery Speciality: Unknown Description: Heading north, up into Alpine Forest and deep into the icy lands of the Taiga of Elyria you can find the people of the Brudvir and Hrothi of Aequitas. Under the guidance of Bruékonne Emery Reves, with the help from the council, the Bruérag are…
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Kingdoms in Oceanus

Browse known regions (Kingdoms, Counties, Duchies & Towns) on Oceanus APAC in Chronicles of Elyria. Kingdom of TylsiaType: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Oceanus (APAC) Leaders: Queen …View Region Kingdom of Lor VoskaraType: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Oceanus (APAC) Leaders: King …View Region Kingdom of AequitasType: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Oceanus (APAC) Leaders: King …View Region

Kingdom of Tryggr Banner

Kingdom of Tryggr

Type: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Selene (EU) Leaders: King Ereshkigal Speciality: Unknown Description: The Kingdom of Tryggr was forged from the pieces of a long forgotten Kingdom. From the ashes of this kingdom grew a renowned community. They formed the Kingdom we now know as Tryggr. Tryggr is known for its rambunctious yet fiercely loyal…
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