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Talents in Chronicles of Elyria are very rare, more known as legendary myths found in books and scrolls rather than being a regular occurrence within the world. Not every player will have access to a talent, in fact, their rarity will be under 5% of the Elyrian population. Talents are bound to individual characters and…
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Villager Tokens

At $10 each, and until the start of Exposition Access, Villager Tokens can be purchased from COE’s merchandise store, with a limit of 3 tokens per person. For pledge packages Mayor or above, you may claim you own Villager tokens and accept them from other players. The reason behind them, is that players with a…
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Villager and Guild Tokens

Villager and Guild Tokens Explained

On the 18th May 2017, Vye (Senior Producer at Soulbound Studios) released some vital information about Villager and Guild tokens. These tokens have been available within the COE online store for a good few months, but had very little detail explaining what they are and what they are/would be used for. However, Vye has now…
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Meet The Team

Andy Being late to the party, Andy only found the world of Elyria in May 2017, but has since worked his way through every Q&A video, design/developer journal and blog post since COE first started being developed. Elyrian Life Username: Elyrian Andy Elyrian Life Profession: Creator & Writer CoE Profession: Tavern Keeper & Brewer CoE Location: Kingdom…
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About Chronicles of Elyria

Chronicles of Elyria is an MMORPG, currently being developed by a talented team known as Soulbound Studios. The main way to describe this unique and upcoming game, is that it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before when it comes to open world online games. It’s an MMO, with RPG and Survival traits, that’s based within…
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