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The Neran are the most diverse of the numerous tribe in Chronicles of Elyria, predominantly found on the grasslands of the world, but capable of surviving quite well in all but the most extreme of the world’s biomes. Noteworthy Info The Virtorian Church – A dominant institution in Neran society, the church pushes for conformity…
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The Janoa are a physically powerful tribe in Chronicles of Elyria, with distinctively striped skin to help blend in with their setting in the dense jungle. They’re fierce warriors, often found serving as mercenaries in the lands of other tribes. Noteworthy Info The Janoa follow the Faedin faith, believing that all animals have a soul.…
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The Hrothi are a small yet sturdy Tribe in Chronicles of Elyria, dwelling primarily underground, known for their masterful stoneworks and impressive smithing abilities. Considered a wise tribe with a fondness for recording history and other knowledge. Noteworthy Info The Hrothi have taken to recording this knowledge in great tomes stored in numerous Great Libraries…
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Brudvir are one of the larger and more physically imposing tribes of Elyria, well suited to their hunter-gatherer lifestyles, living in small settlements high up in the Alpine regions of the world. Noteworthy Info The Brudvir are Faedin, believing that there is spirit within all living things, and that belief that within each animal there…
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There are a total of 12 different Tribes within Chronicles of Elyria, each one with their own unique heritage, ways of life and style. Each tribe holds differing personalities and cultural traits, creating a world full of diversity and mixed civilisation experiences. Brudvir Dras Hrothi Janoa Kypiq Neran To’Resk Waerd Yoru Owem ErishĂ© Mydarri