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Huge stone walls surround a city.

Kingdom of Nirath

Type: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Selene (EU) Leaders: King Dragor Speciality: Unknown Description: Nirath is not a guild, nor is it an organization. It is more than that. It is a gathering of like minded players and home to all of us, in preparation for when the world of Elyria opens its gates. I…
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Kingdom of Arkadia Banner

Kingdom of Arkadia

Type: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Selene (EU) Leaders: King Raziel Speciality: Unknown Description: Arkadia is a Kingdom made up of a large number of communities either speaking English or their native languages. It is of European medieval inspiration with a strong Greco-Roman heritage. We welcome any non-aggressive group, association, guild or society seeking a…
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Kingdom of AL-Khezam

Type: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Selene (EU) Leaders: King Banu’Usifan Speciality: Unknown Description: Al’Khezam welcomes all who wish to join it, irrespective of beliefs, ethnicity or social standing. Our aim is to build a healthy and prosperous kingdom, where schools of thought and science create new wonders for Elyria, where crops flourish, trade is never-ending, wine flows and…
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Kingdoms in Selene

Browse known regions (Kingdoms, Counties, Duchies & Towns) on Selene EU in Chronicles of Elyria. Kingdom of TryggrType: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Selene …View Region Kingdom of NirathType: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Selene …View Region Demalion EmpireType: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Selene (EU) Leaders: Emperor Vaizer …View Region Kingdom of ArkadiaType: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server:…
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Kingdom of Valyria

Type: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Angelica (NA-W) Leaders: King Matthias I Speciality: Unknown Description: Organized in the Roman style emphasizing the importance of citizens acting as role models in society, the Kingdom of Valyria believes in the importance of all members of the emphasizing they be treated with respect and expected to render respect in return. Duchies: Royal…
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