The Start Of Something New

Concept drawing of a town market place.

Welcome to the very first Elyrian Life news post!

As it stands, I’m currently busy behind the scenes adding content to the website in order to create a hub for both amateur and novice players, to read up on the latest news, learn about certain subjects or objects within our database and to mingle with other players and adventurers within our forums.

The main 5 areas for this website revolve around the upcoming MMORPG game Chronicles of Elyria (as you probably guessed) and here’s a summary of what I hope each section will provide to the community.

  • News Any official updates, mechanics, features, release dates and any other notable news about Chronicles of Elyria will be covered within our news blog, as well as any updates regarding our own community.
  • About CoE – If you’ve only recently found CoE, then our ‘About CoE‘ page is a great place to start reading up about the main inner workings of the game.
  • Database – With so many in-game features, never seen before mechanics in an MMO and a virtually limitless play style, we’re going to be building up our database section with guides, tips and wiki-style information that’s easy to ready and easily digestible, making it as easy as possible for newcomers to learn about the game and what you can do within its virtual world.
  • Forums – We welcome views, comments, feedback and chat topics from anyone within the CoE community, so why not join in with our unofficial Chronicles of Elyria forums for anything you wish to say or chat about.
  • Media – We’ll be actively seeking out and publishing screenshots, concept art and videos from the Soulbound Studio team so that you can see what to expect within the game and its art/play style.

If we don’t have anything of interest available for you right now, then pop back again in a few weeks to see what new information we have available. Alternatively, if you’d like to get involved and help collaborate with this fansite, then get in touch using the Contact Form here.

Thanks for popping round and I hope to see you again soon!

~ Elyrian Andy

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