Surname Reservation Arriving January

Surname Reservation Screenshot from Caspian

Kaizen, Outreach and Senior Community Producer for Soulbound Studios has released some exciting news this week regarding a crucial stage in preparing our accounts (and future characters) in the form of in-game Surname Reservation.

In the latest news and forum post, Kaizen has told us that from January next year (January 2018), users following the game and with an account pledge of Bloodline or higher will be able to submit and lock-in their family and dynasty surname.

For both roleplayers and those currently involved in the dance of dynasties, ensuring that you’re able to claim your one-of-kind and unique surname is pretty crucial, and with so many active community members already amassing their character’s background history, tribe, profession and allegiance to a King or Queen, ensuring that they’ll get the name they want for their family and future heirs is a vital step towards their gameplay and forging the game world itself.

Kaizen states:

Every character is born to a family in Chronicles of Elyria, and it’s possible new characters will be born into your dynasty and will inherit your surname! Once you reserve a surname, no other player can claim it; it belongs to you, and you alone!

Hopefully, all of the community members who have already chosen their family name will be all unique to one another, otherwise if any two separate members have the same family name, only one of them will be able to reserve it for themselves, unless of course both of those members plan on joining forces to create one larger family under the same name.

In January, community members will be allowed to reserve their Chronicles of Elyria surname in order of their influence, with those higher up and most notably with higher pledge packages such as Kings, Queens and Counts getting first dibs.

Caspian (Jeromy Walsh) later added on Discord that when it comes to your chance for reserving your name, if you don’t have one already then you won’t be forced to reserve one – just that the chance for reserving the name you want will be less likely as time goes on and as more and more people reserve theirs.

Himself and Vye have also been working together on building a name generator ready for Surname Reservation, which will help you choose a suitable surname depending on the tribe and language you wish to play with.

Here’s a sneak peak of the screenshot Caspian shared of the surname generator due to be available in January:

Surname Reservation Screenshot from Caspian


If you’ve pledged high enough and haven’t thought of a surname for your dynasty yet, then there’s never been a better time to do it!

Happy name picking Elyrians!

Source: In-Game Name Reservation Starts Soon Announcement by Kaizen

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