Return of Layaway and Pledge Package Changes

Nobility Pledge Packages

Vye, Senior Producer at Soulbound Studios recently posted a news update about changes that will be coming to the Chronicles of Elyria pledge package store during November, including the return of layaway, the decommission of 3 packages and price increase of the remaining packages. If there was ever a time to buy your first pledge… now would be the time!

Return of Layaway

Layaway, a way for backers to purchase pledge packages by paying in installments instead of all once was disabled earlier on in the year as the Soulbound Studio team prepared for domain selection. They possibly needed those backers who pledged to nobility or higher packages to complete their layaways in order for them to know how many spots they’d need to create in the world for such aristocrats. However, being as domain selection has now been delayed until next year, the Layaway option has been re-enabled, giving backers the chance to pay for their pledges or upgrades in installments up until May 2018.

Personally, I think this is a wise move and will help a lot of people reach their package of choice. I for one used layaway to buy my first pledge package of Bloodline, and now will most likely upgrade using the layaway to Mayor. So anyone who wants to pledge without forking out all of the cash upfront, get your package ordered soon!

Decommissioning Pledge Packages

With only a couple of spots remaining of the Courtier or Royal pledge packages in the store, the Soulbound team plan on decommissioning all of the Nobility packages from the 30th November 2017. This in effect will be the last chance for backers to purchase Courtier or Royal packs. Monarch, to be a King or Queen of a Kingdom has already been sold out and had already been made unavailable to buy for a few months. But by the end of November, all three of these packages will be completely removed from the pledge store.

Nobility Pledge Packages

Pledge Package Price Increase

Lastly, to keep the value fair for earlier backers who bought pledge packages at the early stages of Elyria’s funding campaign, the prices of the remaining pledge packages will be increasing within the store starting from Wednesday 8th November 2017.

As disheartening to new backers as it sounds, it makes sense for Soulbound to be jiggling the packages around now and again, letting those who pledged first keep the best deals and value, and as times goes on, new pledgers receive a slightly lesser deal. Basically, those who took a chance to give some of their hard-earned cash to Elyria first get to enjoy the best rewards.

Below are the proposed price increases coming into effect the 2nd week of November:

  • Elyrian Package – Increase of $5 (from $40 to $45)
  • Pioneer Package – Increase of $5 (from $70 to $75)
  • Founder Package – Increase of $5 (from $100 to $105)
  • Bloodline Package – Increase of $10 (from $125 to $135)
  • Settler Package – Increase of $10 (from $175 to $185)
  • Proprietor Package – Increase of $10 (from $225 to $235)
  • Mayor Package – Increase of $50 (from $250 to $300)
  • Magistrate Package – Increase of $50 (from $500 to $550)
  • Governor Package – Increase of $50 (from $750 to $800)

The lower tier packages are still pretty well priced, $45 for a PC game with such magnitude that COE has still sounds like a bargain to us!

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