Production Update: January 2018

Yesterday (26th January 2018), Vye released a very exciting production update for us named “Sense of Identity”. Within this update, she mentions updates regarding character customisation, object interaction, VOXElyria, languages and more!

If you’ve not got the time to read the full thing, he’s our summarised version below….

Character Customisation

Right from the get-go when the player first makes their character, Soulbound want the player to feel involved and create that bond of depth between themselves and their avatar.

Rigs, skin shading, character traits, tribe, gender, skin, hair, and eyes are now all available within the current character creation build screen, which takes place within the Soul Chamber, Akashic Records.

Character Creation Screen 1

Next up on the devs to do list is facial customisation. As there are game features such as Identity and Disguise, facial identity will play a major role and so needs to be fully supported and realistic.

Here are a few concept shots of the different facial and torso designs for the multiple tribes…

Tribe Face and Torso Features 1 Tribe Face and Torso Features 2

Interaction and VOXElyria

The next goal for some of the dev team is to start assembling an openable Inventory system in order to store and view objects, see the tooltip regarding a specific item and dictate what interaction(s) can be done with said object.
Eg If you had a loaf of bread in your inventory, then you’d need an action to “Eat” it in order to refill your hunger and possibly health.

As for interacting with the world, the team want an easy yet realistic approach to interacting with objects so you’ll simply…

“Use your left mouse button to use your left hand; use your right mouse button to use your right hand. Easy!”

Vye continues to say:

“The next step in this quest to create the functionality for adding interactivity data to an object in the world, similar to adding inventory data to an object. Once objects can have interactivity data (an example might be “canBePickedUp”: false), then it’s a matter for our design team to start adding that data to objects. Then, when a character tries to interact with that object, they will perform the correct interaction.”

As the first interaction for players will be within VOXElyria, Heat and Racronos have been working on a few starter assets for the voxel world.

VOXElyria Assets 1

Being as this is only a testing version of the game, the VOXElyria graphics look pretty nifty! Minecraft players eat your heart out!


The last major part of this update was related to the work Vye has been working on herself. She stated:

“Language is a passion of mine, so, whilst the rest of the team has focused on getting the functionality for all of the above, I have been creating languages!”

“Languages in Elyria are meant to be an important facet of the living world. Even if you’re using VOIP or an outside chat system to communicate with other players, your character only knows what they understand, regardless of what you understand as a player. Since Rumors & Gossip are actual items you can trade, since Contracts are how most people will get paid, since we’ve got Reputations and Forgery, and other in-character mechanics related to communication, it actually matters what languages your characters speak.”

She’s been working during her spare time on creating languages for the original tribes. She ended with this statement:

Jiszhw zha shusnamass oswbunan’ma shide zesdis, wusl osshrasosz wae dosnosya.

Can you translate it or work it what it says? If so, leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

Well, that’s it for this production summary. We’ll soon be releasing our Media Highlights for January which we’ve collated a few screenshots and concept art pieces which haven’t been included in the latest news post here, so make sure you come back to see those!

Until then, Happy Adventuring!

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