New Pledge Items from November 2017

A La Carte Item Price List

Caspian (aka Jeromy Walsh), CEO of Soulbound Studio released a news update this week about a new range of “A La Carte” items (items that can be purchased separately from each other) which will be available within the Chronicles of Elyria official store from the 1st November.

These additions, consisting mostly of in-game items will be available as additional Pledges (to help continue Kickstarting the game’s development) will most likely only be available until a date has been set for the launch of Exposition Access. The in-game items will then be delivered to the player’s main character upon the official game release.

Amongst the in-game items including pets and mounts, gamers interested in COE can also purchase access to Beta and Alpha testing phases without buying a full pledge package, as well as digital items such as the game’s soundtrack and various strategy guides.

A list of items that will be available to buy separately from next November includes:

  • Adventurer’s Pack – Backpack, rations and a random treasure map
  • Founder’s Map – Detailed map of your home county
  • Merchant Pack – A set of merchant scales and two maps
  • Starter Pet Token – Exchange your pet token for 1 of the 5 starter pets
  • Pack Mule – A Mule animal which can be ridden as a mount or to transport goods
  • Horse & Saddlebags – A common horse and saddlebags for transporting goods
  • Purebred Crouser – An uncommon horse that can cover longer distances
  • Wagon – A standard wagon for transporting goods
  • Ursaphant Mount – An uncommon mount for riding or work (ploughing fields etc)
  • War Trison – A rare Trison, armoured that can be used as a mount, protection or for combat
  • A range of Heraldry items for custom surnames, coat of arms and sigils
  • Furnished housing (Major or above pledge required)
  • Naming of an in-game star
  • Naming of an in-game location
  • Naming of an in-game headstone (with a donation going towards Suicide Prevention)

The full list of A La Carte items and their prices can be seen below:

A La Carte Item Price List

If you’ve already purchased a pledge package, either from the COE official store or during the Kickstarter campaign, then now’s your chance to add extra items to your package that you may have wanted, without overspending on upgrading to a completely new tier package.

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