Media Highlights from September

Media Highlights from September Featured Image

Happy October All!

It’s officially Autumn and we have plenty of exciting things to look forward to over the coming months with Halloween, Thanks Giving and Christmas (country/religion dependent, but those are what I couldĀ think of off the top of my head), and of course… hopefully some cool new updates from the Soulbound team!

During September, we didn’t have many updates from the team, which makes sense as they had a busy period before and during PAX West and they’re most likely working hard right now on getting ElyriaMUD ready.

Talking of ElyriaMUD, in the latest news update, ElyriaMUD has now had its name changed to VoxElyria. It kinda makes more sense, Vox as in Voxel as it’s going to be within a Voxel-based world and Elyria… well because it’s Elyria doh!

We have no screenshots or artwork to share with you this month, but we do have two videos. And as the saying goes…

“A picture says a thousands words but a video is worth a thousand pictures!”

Here’s the two videos in case you missed them, enjoy!

A Retrospective on Jousting

In this video, the Soulbound Studio team reminisce together about their latest demo showing at PAX West, discussing what they think went well, what could have gone better and their overall experience at this years event.

Meet the Community Members from Blackheart and Vornair

During PAX West, the COE team met many of their fans and backers. Here’s a video from when they met some lovely community members over at Blackheart and Vornair.

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