Media Highlights from October

Chronicles of Elyria Swamp Desert Biome - Pre Alpha Screenshot

After a quiet September, October has been a super busy month with lots of news, updates and happenings in and around the Chronicles of Elyria community.

As well as some fantastic looking screenshots and concept art which we’ve collated below, there’s been a ton of news updates from the COE team, changes to the merchandise store, new staff and a chance for you to become the last King or Queen of NA-East!

  1. At the start of the month, the Official Launch Kingdoms were announced, detailing which Kingdoms have officially been locked in for COE’s launch and which will become abundant in domain selection.
  2. Souldbound Studios welcomed their newest member of staff, Snipehunter who’s taken up the position of Lead Designer.
  3. Pledge Packages are due to have their prices increased within the next week. Plus, a bunch of cool new (singular) items are now available to buy in the Merchandise Store update.
  4. Conquest of Elyria returned last week for PAX AUS 2017 with a fresh chance for backers to win in-game items.
  5. The final Monarch slot in NA-East is up for grabs in The Free Kingdom of Elyria event.
  6. Lastly, but no means least… Kaizen treated us to a snazzy video update showing off the teams Pre-Alpha progress to date.

On top of all that, here are the latest media highlights in case you’ve missed them:

Biome Pre-Alpha Screenshots

Concept Art

Concept Art for "Building Elyria"

Concept Art for “Building Elyria”

VoxElyria and UE Client (GIF)

VoxElyria and UE Client Working Side by Side

VoxElyria and UE Client Working Side by Side

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