Media Highlights from November

A concept art drawing of a bar fight with multiple tribes.

It’s December! *finds a Christmas playlist on Spotify*

We hope that all of our American friends had a very Happy Thanksgiving and that everyone else has had an awesome past few weeks!

During November we’ve had a ton of content from the developers, including a must-watch video and a few even more impressive images to gaze your eyes on.

Without further ado, here are the media highlights from November in case you missed them…

For those following the Free Kingdom of Elyria event on the NA-East server, we have a lore video to add backstory to the happenings and reasons behind the event –

Caspian leaked this preview of a ‘Cinematic’ shot of a Dryas Elk and a Pteroguin – possibly an unfinished screenshot of a cinematic trailer for Chronicles of Elyria.

Cinematic Preview of a Dryas Elk and a Pteroguin


Vye, Community Manager at Soulbound Studios released this image of the male Janoa character model.
First look of a Janoa character.


Lastly, but by no means least, this piece of concept art depicts a bar fight in a tavern. However, you really have to zoom in and look closely to reveal all of the fine-tuned details, such as the multiple tribe characters being present, their attire, equipment and antics.
A concept art drawing of a bar fight with multiple tribes.


That’s everything you may have missed in Chronicles of Elyria last month, hopefully, next months highlights will be just as entertaining, although being as the holiday season is upon us it may quiet down during the last half of December.

But then again, who can blame anyone for spending time with friends and family in preparation for Christmas day… oh and then partying and getting drunk for New Year…so until next time, happy adventuring Elyrians!

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