Media Highlights from July

New horse pirate tribe confirmed.

A new month begins and the previous ends, and with it comes a whole new bunch of awesome media from the Chronicles of Elyria dev team.

In this month’s highlights, we’ve got some screenshots of male and female characters exploring the world, a glimpse of how nighttime within the world will look, male and female face and hair customisation, a cool GIF on snow effects and a first glimpse of how the Elyria┬áMUD is going to look!

Views from Elyria

A female character running through a village. Male character overlooking a nearby town. Male character looking forward towards a watchtower. New horse pirate tribe confirmed.Night time view, full of stars.

Character Customisation Enhancements

Male face and hair customisations. Female face and hair customisations.

Snow Weather Effect GIF
(click to play GIF)

Snow weather effect.

Elyria MUD Preview

Elyria MUD Characters Elyria MUD Map Preview

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