Media Highlights from December

Chronicles of Elyria Swamp Desert Biome - Pre Alpha Screenshot

We hope that you’ve all had a fantastic holiday season, Christmas and New Year!

December has been pretty quiet on the Chronicles of Elyria news and updates front, and with the holiday season, it’s no surprise. We can surely forgive the dev team for taking a bit of time off, right?

Anyway, if you’ve missed any of the official updates during December, here’s our media highlights for the past month…

Back at the beginning of December, Soulbound Studio released an awe-inspiring set of biome screenshots, which were so awesome to see that we made a separate post just to show them off, which you can see here.

As well as the screenshots, a few days later we got to see a 3D representation of the biomes with this amazing biome exploration video, showing a character walking through the varying biome landscapes in real time.


On top of that, we have a couple of nifty videos with the games latest feature progress.

Character Creation Sliders

Character Creation & Log In

Skin Shader Demo


That’s all for last month’s media highlights, have a great new year and keep on adventuring!

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