Media Highlights from August

The Tilt Fence

August has come and gone and with the Soulbound Studio team focused on the Jousting showcase for PAX West 2017, we’ve seen a lot of Jousting media released from the team. In case you’ve missed the past few weeks, here’s a run down of the latest screenshots, concept art and clips released from the Chronicles of Elyria team during August 2017.

Jousting GIF’s

Awesome footage of horse and player armor styles, as well as a mounted rider practicing their Jousting skills.

(best viewed on wi-fi due to file size)

Horse jousting armor preview. Chronicles of Elyria Jousting Armor Preview GIF Jousting Locomotion and Lance Aiming Preview Jousting Lance Shatter and Particle Effects

Jousting Arena

Set within a Forest biome, the Jousting arena and Tilyard offers several structures to accommodate the brave Knights about to compete, their horse companions and seating for a wide variety of viewers from the noble to the peasant.

Amory and Vendor Tents at the back of the Jousting Arena

Buildings within the Jousting Arena

Jousting Armor & Weaponry

Jousting wouldn’t be jousting without lances and armor. Here we have a selection of concept art drawings for Jousting-related armor and weapons.

Jousting Lances Preview

Noble Crests of the Jousting Tournament Dominions Jousting Horse Armor

We hope you’ve all had a fabulous August and we hope to see you back for another month of COE news, media and fun!

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