Limited Time Farming Items Now Available

A marketplace to stock up on food and wares.

Exciting news travels from Elyria!

From the 12th March until 30th March 2018, Soulbound Studios has released a set of limited time Farming and Agriculture related add-on items within their merchandise store.

These add-on items include:

A Farm – Complete with 1 parcel of land, barn, ox and wagon and 2 giftable Elyrian pledge packages to pass on to a friend.

Cardinal Beekeeper Kit – A rare colony of Cardinal Bees along with their Queen, a hive and beekeepers gear. Bees increase germination and growth rates of plants in their area, and their honey provides bonuses when used in foods or potions.

Apitherapy Primer – A selection of honey-related items and their recipes to create your own healing items, or to sell in an apothecary shop. Also includes a jar of Cardinal honey to get you going with that first lot of remedies!

Foxcelot Pet – A Foxcelot is a mix between a fox and ocelot and can be trained to hunt down the annoying pests who threaten your farm and crops, or alternatively just admired as your faithful pet.

Pilgrimage Supplies – Prepare your character for the Pilgrimage of Renewal with these supplies and festival attire. Includes a special food bag, lantern to lighten a darkened path, festival garb and poppy seeds.

Antique Orrery – A working replica antique ornament of the Elyrian solar system. Give the ornament a spin and watch the planet’s glide around.

Whether you plan on living the farming life or not, get your hands on one or all of these exciting add-ons and enhance your players existence when they enter the Elyrian world. Personally, I’m at least going to get a Foxcelot to keep me company along my travels.

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