Jousting Combat Update

Amory and Vendor Tents at the back of the Jousting Arena

With less than two weeks to go until PAX West 2017, the Soulbound Studio team have been journeying forward with their Jousting demo experience at an incredible rate.

The layout of the Tiltyard (the jousting courtyard), buildings, scenery, fauna, flora, armor, sounds, ambiance and particle effects have been worked on by Wiz, Heat, Racronos, Raevantiel, Michael and Vandermast in the dev team, so it’s been full steam ahead… or should we be saying full horse power ahead?

The buildings, the look and feel of the Tiltyard has all been designed to seamlessly integrate into the biome it’s featured in, one filled with Pine trees. So of course, the Tiltyard and included buildings have been built from timber, to coincide with the natural resources located nearby.

For the sake of the PAX West demo, the jousting tournament will include six contending dominions, these being:

  • Duchy of Helmwood (Helmwood being the Tournament Hosts)
  • Grand County of Tolumbria
  • County of Seabridge
  • Grand County of Velsheland
  • County of Salix
  • County of Avorelle

The crests of these six sovereignties can be seen in the image below:
Noble Crests of the Jousting Tournament Dominions

And here we have a cool video of Knights showing an example of their matching dominion crest colours.

Chronicles of Elyria Jousting Armor Preview GIF

And who can forget the horses! Heat has been working on a jousting dress for the horses and varying its style to make a unique look for each of the six sovereignties. Once the dress was designed, Vanimus Prime and Racronos started layering it with the horse’s armor, ensuring that movement, the sway of the fabric and horse animations looked good together.

Check out the horses’ dress swaying in the wind…

Horse jousting armor preview.

Next up, and one of the cooler parts of jousting is the lance! Heat and Irreverent have come up with a set of designs for each of the six lances, each one with differing colours and textures. While Wiz has been tackling the particle system, to make the shattering of the lances visually pleasing, realistic and just damn cool!

Jousting Lances Preview

Jousting Lance Shatter and Particle Effects

Once the Jousting prototypes were merged together, locomotion and camera angles adjusted and everything adapted to be more aesthetically pleasing, everything came together to produce the below demo:

Jousting Locomotion and Lance Aiming Preview

You have to admit, all of this looks pretty epic, and Jousting isn’t even the main proposition for mounted combat, so we’re sure to be seeing lots more mounted combat in the future! If the rest of Chronicles of Elyria is going to be as impressive as this, then we’re definitely foreseeing THE best MMORPG game ever created, being made right before our eyes…

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