Jousting Combat in Chronicles of Elyria

Jousting Arena Concept Art

With PAX West 2017 fast approaching, the Chronicles of Elyria team are working all out in order to have a working demo of their jousting combat system ready for eager fans to bite their teeth into during the PAX event.

Keeping to the low-fantasy element of the game, jousting adds an exciting combat method rarely seen in games of this era, let online in an MMORPG, and so should enhance the overall game mechanics and playability for avid players.

Check out our write up below for the main aspects and mechanics for a Jousting experience!

Mechanics of Jousting

There are three mechanical phases of Jousting which make up the combat actions controlled by the player.

First on the list is Approach, this is when the player toggles themselves into mounted combat mode, or similarly can be achieved by increasing the speed of their mount by spurring it on to move faster towards their target.

Secondly, the Aiming phase allows the player to make small changes to their mounted direction as well as aiming where their lance will strike (example: higher for a head strike, lower for a body strike).

Thirdly, the Impact phase begins, where a brief 1-2 second interval happens until the target is reached and the player is locked out of making further adjustments. Following into the best part… the physical attack, including attack and damage animations, particle and damage effects and the deciding factor of who comes out victorious – you or your opponent.

This list is purely from a game mechanics stand point, as in-game it can all be achieved within a few seconds, becoming a natural part of game play and battle as you charge towards your enemy, without ever thinking about the mechanics behind it.

Arena vs Open World Jousting

The dev team at Soulbound Studios have stated that their Jousting Combat system will be the same for both Jousting Arenas and within the open world, offering an extremely fun and exciting way to battle, whether it’s to become Champion in the arena or during a battle against an enemy.


Jousting Arena Concept Art

Jousting Armor

Jousting armor can be equipped on both the player and their horse, as well as matching weaponry including poles and lances.

See the below concept art drawings of what the devs have got in store!

Jousting Armor

Jousting Horse Armor

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