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The Searing Plague has ended, and thankfully we’re still here to tell the tale of the dreadful plague which spread far and wide throughout Elyria. Fear not, for after all that agony and death a new celebration is upon us within the Elyrian calendar… the Festival of Passage.

Once per lifetime, every 52 years (in Earth’s fall), the Faedin celebrate the Festival of Passage. This is a year-long festival, in which the Faedin observe and recognize their relationship to the animal spirits of the world, the process of reincarnation, and the transition from what was before, to what will come.

Festival Celebrations

The Kypiq are known to celebrate this time with the Masque of Passage. A masquerade, which lasts for a whole month, where the tribe dress up in outfits and masques related to the different animals of Elyria in order to honor their existence.

The Brudvir follow a more intense path with their Pursuit of Passage, a month-long hunt in which the tribes people dress, act and attempt to integrate themselves into a real wolf pack, hunting and killing as a wolf would.

The Jonoa show off their strength and power during their Contest of Passage,  a month-long tournament in which the bravest sons and daughters of Mann fight to the death against other Mann and vicious animals.

Although not having a passage tradition themselves, the Neran, Hrothi and To’resk manage to keep themselves involved. With the Neran joining in with Kypiq traditions, the Hrothi supplying thematic items to the Brudvir, while the To’resk use the Burdvir’s tournament as a way to make an extra income betting on the winning challengers.

Limited Time In-Store Items

The festival wouldn’t be complete unless we were able to join in with the passage’s and festival ourselves, hence why until the 28th September 2018, the Chronicles of Elyria devs have released a new set of in-store items which can be pre-purchased and redeemed in-game upon release.

Sounds of Passage

Sounds of Passage

Traditional Faedin instruments to honor the Festival of Passage

Includes a flute-like instrument which resembles a wolf’s howl and a percussion instrument which resemble the sound of a berimbau.



Wolfs Clothing


Wolf’s Clothing

Join the Brudvir with their connection to the wolves with this wolf costume disguise, made from hide and fur. A pattern required to replicate the costume is also included, as well as a codex on camouflage techniques.




Masks of Passage

Masks of Passage

A set of 5 animal masks to wear and celebrate the many forms of animal spirits. Includes a wolf, squirrel, horse, alligator and badger mask, a paper mache recipe and a set of patterns to recreate all five masks.




Animal Journey


Animal Journey

This kit will allow you to embark on a journey through the Astral Planes, taking on the form of an animal spirit for a short while. In the kit, you’ll find a pouch of Psilocybin mushroom spores, a mushroom wine recipe and a single, ready to drink tinker of mushroom wine ready to be consumed.




Wolf Sled


Wolf Sled

A very Brudvir way to travel, this single person sledge can be used across most terrains as a way of transport. This pack includes a sledge, which can be pulled by other medium-sized animals, not just wolves, and a pair of domesticated wolves to get you started.




All of these items are available for 9 days only and can be found in the official merchandise store.

So there we have it… a new exciting Festival to get involved with and a selection of pretty neat, if not a little trippy (aka the magic mushrooms) items for you to get your hands on.

Until the next Festival… take care adventurers!

~ Elyrian Andy

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