Domain & Settlement Selection Now Live

Domain selection map for Selene

It’s finally here… it’s what many of us have been preparing for a long time. That’s right – domain and settlement selection is now live!

What Is Domain & Settlement Selection?
Domain and settlement selection means that those who have purchased or pledged/backed Chronicles of Elyria with a Mayor, Count, Duchy or Kingdom title will soon be able to pick where their village, town, city, county, duchy or kingdom will be residing within the world.

Maps are now live for each server, where you’ll be able to log in and view a preview of the world on your server. Within the maps, you’ll see a break down of kingdoms and duchies, followed by what kind of things can be found in each area e.g trees, minerals, fish, water, ocean etc.

The other fun thing is, you can also see which kind of professions each area is known for and get an understanding of what NPC’s living at a certain location will be most abundant professions-wise, e.g fisherman, dungeoneer, animal trainer, soldier.

Domain selection map for Selene
After selecting a location, you’ll be able to see what’s available in the area and most notable NPC professions.

How Do I Choose My Location?
Once you’re logged into your Chronicles of Elyria account, simply go to the domain selection page here. You’ll either be able to claim your selection straight away or see a countdown timer with how long it is until you’ll be able to select. The selection process is completed in influence order, so those with higher influence, or higher level pledge packages will be able to select their domains first.

So if you’ve made a pledge in Chronicles of Elyria, now’s the time to get choosing your location and where you’ll soon be living out the days in the virtual world of Elyria.

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