Cinematic Trailer – The Enemy You Don’t See

Cinematic Preview of a Dryas Elk and a Pteroguin

2018 is in full swing and the Soulbound Studios team has started it with a bang! Check out the cinematic trailer above where we learn a brief introduction to the Tundra’s Dryas Elk, the fierce Pteroguin and the hidden enemy…

Video Subtitles:

A small herd of Dryas Elk enter one of the harshest Winters in recent records, grazing through the thick snow of the frozen Tundra. The Dryas Elk are a species of mountain goat and can also traverse the nearby cliffs dominated by, let’s just say a much higher breed of species…the Pteroguin.

The Dryas Elk’s antler-like horns are the largest in the current world, and are the perfect defence mechanism against Pteroguins. Defeated but not deflated the Pteroguin will surely be back as many times as it takes to try and feed himself and his family.
However, this dry spell Dryas deer must be aware of her surroundings, for the only enemy more dangerous than the enemy you see, is the enemy you don’t see.

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