Chronicles of Elyria Release Date Schedule

Chronicles of Elyria was first brought to the public’s attention back in July 2015, when Soulbound Studios released details about their epic tale on Just over a month later, CoE had 2,000 registered members on their own website and two months following that, racked up 5,000 registered members.

Fast forward to the present day, thousands upon thousands of more registered accounts, 10,000 kickstarter backers and thousands of more pledgers…you could say that Chronicles of Elyria has gotten pretty popular, and now that the game’s in full production, its fame is only ever increasing!

The main question which many CoE followers have been asking is;
“When will Chronicles of Elyria be released?”

As of today, Soulbound Studios have released the below release date schedule, showing when they plan to have things finished off by, including an approximate timescale for its full launch!

Chronicles of Elyria Release Date Schedule at

July-September 2017

  • Version 3 Update of the Official Website
    (updated graphics, UI design and new front-end)

October-December 2017

  • ElyriaMUD Release

January-April 2018

  • Alpha 1 Release
  • Server Selection

May-August 2018

  • Settlement / Domain Selection
  • KoE (Kingdoms of Elyria)

September-December 2018

  • Design Experiences
  • Alpha 2 Release

January-June 2019

  • Beta 1 Release
  • Prologue Release
  • CoE Adventure Toolkit
  • Exposition Begins

July-December 2019

  • Beta 2 Release
  • Stress Test (available to any paid account)
  • Official Launch

The Official Launch date may seem a long way off, and indeed it is, but there’s so much in-between to look forward to, including ElyriaMUD this year, Alpha 1 early next year and something new every few months in-between!

Be strong adventurer, and the wait will be quick and painless!

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