Chronicles of Elyria Reaches $3 Million Crowdfunding

The above view of a city.

Chronicles of Elyria officially started their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on 3rd May 2016. By the 14th May 2016, a mere two weeks later, it reached its $900k goal. A few more weeks after that, the campaign ended on 3rd June 2016 with a total fundraising amount of $1.36 million. This gave Soulbound Studios the opportunity to start building the base game in full, with an extra few stretch goals being hit in order to finance a few extra mechanics.

Then in December 2016, the Soulbound Studios team opened their Pledge Package store online, where interested gamers could carry on pledging towards the game’s development, in return for some cool Kickstarter bonuses, Alpha and Beta access and EP points – which can be using during Exposition in order to stimulate the virtual world and being the first player-controlled inhabitants in Elyria.

7 months on… 4th July 2017, the total kickstarting amount raised by the community has increased to a staggering $3,000,000, and as the community grows and the game gets more well known, more and more players are actively supporting the game to fund its release.

3 Million Crowdfunding

The $3 million total should mean that we’ll be seeing all of the original Kickstarter stretch goals upon the game’s release if the developers can get everything implemented in time. If not, then they’ll be added shortly after. But they includes features like:

  • Being a Ward of the State – Starting the game as an orphan, rather than within a family. Giving you extra years as you start your life at a younger age, but only have yourself to depend on.
  • Religious Statues – Statues which can be placed within settlements (size dependent) which give bonus(s) to those who worship it.
  • In-Game Gaming – Games that are playable within a Tavern with other players, for example chess, dice and card games. Maybe even with a way to place a cheeky bet on the winner!
  • Pledge Pet & Mounts – For certain Pledge Packages, players may receive a unique and rare pet or mount.
  • Tunnelling – Being able to dig into the terrain in order to create dungeons, bunkers, tunnels and cellars for your home.
  • Dig & Bury – The ability to hide objects, loot and treasure underground. Perfect for creating a hidden cache when travelling for long periods of time.
  • Player Sensory – Your character will be able to give subtle hints of things going on around them, such as smelling a fire in the distance.
  • VR Support – Support for virtual reality headsets – epic!
  • Mounted Combat – Expanding on the combat system to include attack manoeuvres while riding on a mount.

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