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Elyria Celestial Events

Even though the game hasn’t been released yet, not even publicly in Alpha or Beta stages, and the Souldbound Studios team are hard at work creating the world of Elyria for us to enjoy, the team are still eager to keep us excited, social and involved while we wait patiently for the time when we can actually get inside the dynamic world.

In the last 12 months at least, we’ve had a variety of events to take part in, such as the Searing Plague, Kickstarter-versary, Festivals and who could forget the Conquest of PAX – to name a few, as well as a heap of lore to engage in and promotional items in the store. We’ve never really been told about these events that far in advance, until now, when Serpentius has collated together a 12-month list of calendar events, ranging from lore to community events to store promotions.

Here’s a rundown on what’s in store throughout the entire year:


Community Engagement (the first of two throughout the year) which is all about growing the community and bringing players together, such as the Free Kingdoms of Elyria and The Searing Plague events, sometimes with in-game consequences.


As it’s the month of love, February is all about love and friendships. Tokens of fellowship, tribute, and the advent of spring fuel are some of the things that may appear during this month of romance! From kinky whips and chains available in the promotional store to swapping tokens of fellowship, February is all about the friends we have and what they mean to us.


March is the time for Renewal when Elyrians worldwide celebrate the flow of life and death. The different religions may have their own traditions during this event, and players will no doubt see these evolve in-game after launch, but for now, expect a lot of lore on this important month as Elyrians all over celebrate the natural point of solemn reflection.


April fools, April showers and every 52 years the planets of Selene and Libodos align in the sky. Combining strange influences, bringing betrayal and change into the mix of secrets, conspiracy, and mystery. Serpentius warns us that during this time; “Not everything is what it seems and the only certainty is you can expect the unexpected.“.


No doubt one of the most well-known months in the Elyrian calendar (prior to launch at least), and my personal favourite being as it’s my birthday month, May is the month of the Chronicles of Elyria Kickstarter-versary. Going back a couple of years, May 2016 was the start of something special, Caspian’s vision, thoughts, and delight of Elyria was shared with the world, which attracted over 10,000 Kickstarter backers. Years later and with thousands more pledged to the cause, the May anniversary brings with it appreciation, specials events and store promotions to its ever-growing following.


A month for lore, when the planet Selene is the furthest away from Elyria. The Qindred feel the Qin of Solitude’s celestial influence, with many religions observing this time and seeking truths. Scholars remain undecided whether the Sedecim that occurs during this time is advantageous or folly, with neither side having yet conceded.


A time for a big community event, which possibly combines with the events throughout June or August. July may offer either tools or incentives for inviting new friends of Elyria to join the community, also giving you the chance to extend your in-game family, town, duchy or kingdom with fresh Mann.


A month for spreading awareness and supporting a charity in need, August opens up the possibility of World Bettering events, as well as promotional items in the store whereby a percentage of proceeds from the sales are donated to the chosen cause.


September, also known as ‘the ninth month’ includes the Festival of Passage – a time of transition as the Faedin observe various rituals and ceremonies marking the transition of what once was, to what soon will be. Faedin tribes such as the Brudvir, Kypiq, and Janoa hold several month long events, while many of the non-Faedin tribes join in on the celebrations or, as the opportunity arises, capitalize on them and the needs of those celebrating such a time in Elyria.


A second comet makes its presence during the month of October and with it a focus on lore. The Al’tifali recognize this ghostly visitor as the gaze of the Two-Fold Queen, and class this time as being both terrible and precious. Although a big part of the Al’tifali’s beliefs, the omen of this comet is known across the world and coincides with an important cycle within the Elyrian calendar.


November marks the coming of the ‘Longest Night’ and so Elyrians are even busier preparing for the long Winter ahead, with farming, settlement building and preparation for the cold, baron Winter months ahead. In the real world, there’s no escape from Black Friday or Cyber Monday during this month, and so you may find rare and limited-quantity items, as well as promotions within the store.


Feeding on from the ‘Longest Night’, December isn’t all doom and gloom. This dark Winter has countless observances by all cultures and religions, as seen in the initial lore surrounding this celestial event, and more lore will be the focus during this month, showing respect for specific beliefs by the differing religions.

So there we have it, the Chronicles of Elyria events calendar and everything we have to look forward to over the coming months. But remember, this isn’t just a list of what’s happened in the past and what’s still yet to come, it’s a list of reoccurring events, dates and beliefs that happen within the Elyrian calendar year on year, some of which you may even notice carry over in-game.

As always, take care adventurer!
~ Elyrian Andy

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