Chronicles of Elyria Alpha 1 Begins

Pre Alpha Trial of the Tested

Alas! Great news adventurers…

Soulbound Studios, the team behind Chronicles of Elyria have released some fantastic news, that testing has officially started for alpha 1 backers!

The first alpha 1 testing phase will be “trial of the tested”, a procedurally generated dungeon obstacle course where the player has to navigate themselves to the end goal while using a variety of movement and traversal paths including climbing, jumping, rope swinging, ziplining (how cool!), moving through small spaces, dive rolling, balancing on poles and running along the walls. Along with testing out the background features such as lighting, shadows and all that other good stuff!

Vye stated:

Testers can select the difficulty of the obstacles in the course they want to play. Some are quite easy and most players should be able to get the hang of them with a little practice. Some are quite challenging and will take timing and precision to succeed!

The testing phase for the trial of the tested will last for approximately 3-weeks, with a little maintenance in between. If you’re an alpha 1 backer, please see the alpha 1 forums for information on how you can get involved.

Don’t forget, the current testing phase is using Prelyria low-poly version graphics, which are only being used during the testing phase while the live HD graphics are being produced. Although, they still look pretty smart! Here are a few screenshots of the trial and testing area:

Overall, it’s great news that Chronicles of Elyria is getting close enough to start testing, and I’m sure most of you like us are very eager to get in and start playing with all of the mechanics we’ve read about.

Until then, keep on adventuring!

~ Elyrian Andy

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