Choosing Your Server and Kingdom

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Chronicles of Elyria may not be coming out as a full release game for a good while yet, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pre-choose which server and Kingdom you’d like to play on when the day finally arrives for us to give up our day jobs and get sucked into the world of Elyria.

Servers, otherwise known as worlds, realms or domains are the individual virtual worlds hosted on a group of computer servers and are normally physically located around the world, letting players play on the closest one to their location in order to experience a smooth playtime with the lowest latency.

Currently, Chronicles of Elyria has announced that on official launch there will be four servers for players to choose from, each one being hosted at different locations around the world. These four servers will be at:

  • North America: East
  • North America: West
  • Europe
  • Asia / Pacific

Although it’s recommended to play on the server closest to you, the Soulbound Studio team are not restricting players to play only on their closest server, they’re instead letting us choose any server we wish, making it easier to play with friends and join in with organisations which have already formed, even if it’s based within a differing location to our closest choice.

Within each server, kingdoms have also already been formed by King and Queens (real players), who have pledged a whopping $10,000 Kickstarter amount in order to take on the role of ruling over a Kingdom of their own. Across the four servers, there are between 4 – 6 kingdoms within each server, and each kingdom will govern and own a portion of the world map.

If you’re looking to take a certain profession, it’s wise to take a look through the available kingdoms to see which would fit your play style, and approach those kingdoms with your intentions to join them when the game starts. This will allow the kingdom leaders to help you find a fitting spot within their domain and as such offer parcels of land, advantageous to your profession, such as miner’s living near mines, farmers living on fertile lands and military folk living within the capital city in order to protect the royal family, bank and thousands of citizens.

You can view a list of kingdoms within each server here:

So if you’re interested in playing Chronicles of Elyria, or have already made a pledge, head over to our server page or the official Chronicles of Elyria server forums and check out all of the rising kingdoms, make friends and join a legacy with hundreds of other players.

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