Meet The Team

Medieval Character Andy


Being late to the party, Andy only found the world of Elyria in May 2017, but has since worked his way through every Q&A video, design/developer journal and blog post since COE first started being developed.

Elyrian Life Username: Elyrian Andy
Elyrian Life Profession: Creator & Writer
CoE Profession: Tavern Keeper & Brewer
CoE Location: Kingdom of Arkadia (EU)
CoE Name: Andy Drago
Aliases: None
Real Name: Andy
Real Location: England, UK


Having pledged to Chronicles of Elyria during their Kickstarter, Cory has been following the game with a great deal of interest for over a year and looks forward to building a community to energize and educate all who show an interest in the game.

Elyrian Life Username: Karik
Elyrian Life Profession: Writer & Community Admin
CoE Profession: Mayor and Architect
CoE Location: Kingdom of Vornair (US)
CoE Name: Karik Caro
Aliases: Karik
Real Name: Cory
Real Location: Florida, USA

Cory Meet the Team Image



Elyrian Life Username: KH00B
Elyrian Life Profession: Discord Manager & Community Manager
CoE Profession:
Explorer and Trader
CoE Location: Kingdom of BordeWeall (US)
CoE Name: Kartarsk
Aliases: KH00B
Real Name: Kartar
Real Location: Ohio, USA