Villager Tokens

At $10 each, and until the start of Exposition Access, Villager Tokens can be purchased from COE’s merchandise store, with a limit of 3 tokens per person.

Villager Token

For pledge packages Mayor or above, you may claim you own Villager tokens and accept them from other players.

The reason behind them, is that players with a nobility of Mayor or above will have their own village, count or kingdom to look after at Exposition and game launch.

Villager tokens will dictate how big, how popular and how famous their settlement will be when they first get into the game, and will do so in the following manner:

  • Notoriety – The mechanics for the settlements Reputation and Fame. With each Villager Token received, the Mayor/Baron/Duke/Count’s settlement will have an increased amount of fame, therefore making it more known with an increased chance of NPC’s coming to the settlement to live and work.
  • Population – For each Villager Token received, the Mayor/Baron/Duke/Count’s settlement will have its population increased by 1, meaning more NPC’s and players can live there.
  • Expansion – For every 3-5 Villager Tokens received, the Mayor/Baron/Duke/Count’s settlement will have an additional parcel of land.

If you already have a Kingdom and settlement in mind for when you create your first character, then it might be a good idea to pass on a Villager Token to your Mayor or Count to help give it a better start. Likewise, if you’re a Mayor/Baron/Duke/Count yourself, you can give your own settlement a head start by buying and claiming 3 Villager Tokens, as well as accepting them off your friends and potential tenants.

Villager Tokens will only be available until Exposition Access starts, and will define the starting fame and size for settlements and organisations alike. Once they’re no longer available and when COE officially launches to the public, the fame and size will only be able to be increased through hard work, research and by having the materials required to do so.