Talents in Chronicles of Elyria are very rare, more known as legendary myths found in books and scrolls rather than being a regular occurrence within the world.

Not every player will have access to a talent, in fact, their rarity will be under 5% of the Elyrian population.

Talents are bound to individual characters and in some instances, the player themselves may not even know that their talent exists.

If a player has a talent then they will not be advised of having such attribute until they unlock it through the Soulborn Engine.

Fire Magic User

The Soulborn Engine will create a dynamic story point for which the player has to reach in order for their Talent to be useable, such as being the first to slay an elite opponent, killing another player or even just the world around them evolving to a specific technological age.

Talents & Storylines

The way Talents are designed to work is to create dynamic, ever-changing fluctuations within the world.

Imagine if a player has a hidden talent of performing fire magic, but to unlock their power they would need to take part in killing a fire dragon. The storyline would develop to portray that that specific player killed the dragon and absorbed some of its fire-breathing capabilities, which now let the player discharge fireballs.

Now, if you were a Queen or King of a kingdom, you would want to befriend that player and have them join your dominion due to their impressive ability. And now you have the whole world trying to convince this talented player to join their ranks, over the fear of another kingdom using them as a weapon against you.

Planned Talents

There are currently 7 known talents which have been mentioned by Souldbound Studio and these are:

  • Animal Speaking
  • Healing
  • Magic
  • Medium (contacting the dead)
  • Planes Walking
  • Shapeshifting
  • Water Breathing

Talent Availability

Talents are not planned to be implemented within Chronicles of Elyria for the official launch and will be activated at a later date once the world and player base has reached a certain stage.