A Soul makes up your character's past experiences, memories, skills and previous life.

Transferable between character to character as and when your original character dies and you decide to start a fresh, or rebirth as an heir.

When creating your first Character, you'll need to match it up with a Soul during the Character Selection screen.

The Life of a Soul

According to legend, souls which currently do not possess an Elyrian host exist within the Akashic Records - a place for souls to recollect on their past lives, learn from their mistakes and accomplishments and await the day when they are to be reborn into a new Elyrian body.

Choosing A Soul

Every player will choose their starting soul upon character creation. Although, no soul is equal and each have their own history. Some have existed for longer time frames than others, and each one will vary in terms of their past-time skills.

Choosing a soul is an important part of creating your character and can help you start out within Elyria with a slight head start, as if you choose a Soul that has had past experiences with a certain skill of interest, it will most likely give you a small boost within that field during your playtime. E.g If you wish to take up the profession of a Soldier, choose a Soul which has a high level "Fighting" skill.

Chronicles of Elyria Soul Selection Screen

Transferring A Soul

Souls can also be transferred from one character to another - such as when your first character dies, the soul will be kept intact and can be reborn into a new character such as an eligible heir within your dynasty, taking with it the skills it learnt in its previous life, letting you re-learn them much faster in the next.