Reputation & Fame

Reputation and Fame in Chronicles of Elyria are measures of how popular and well-known your characters' current identity is, whether that be for good or bad reasons.

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Fame vs Reputation

Although separate traits attached to your characters Identity, Fame and Reputation work hand in hand to create four possible combinations that make up your Fame and Reputation status.

  • You could be Famous with a Good Reputation
    (example: known worldwide for slaying an elite boss)
  • You could be Famous with a Bad Reputation
    (example: known worldwide for committing murder)
  • You could be Virtually-unknown with a Good Reputation
    (example: you slayed an elite boss, but only your family knows you did it)
  • You could be Virtually-unknown with a Bad Reputation
    (example: you murdered someone but there was only one witness to identify you)

The Higher Your Fame...

  • the more well-known your active Identity will be known by others (NPC's and other Players).
  • the higher the chance that your name will come up in conversation between NPC's/Players.
  • the further in the world your Reputation can spread.

The Higher Your Reputation...

  • the more Information about you will be known publicly.
  • the higher the chance that people will know if your character is good or deviant.

Changing Your Fame & Reputation

Your Fame and Reputation can change over time and you would naturally expect that as your character gets older, you'd be more well-known due to the timeframe your character has been alive for.

However, there are always ways to try and make these attributes change one way or the other depending on your actions.

  • Completing Achievements
  • Completing Tasks & Dynamically Generated Quests
  • Crafting & Selling
  • Player Killing
  • The Reputation/Fame of any Groups/Guilds You're Part Of
  • The Reputation/Fame of Your Family

The spread of this information comes down to Gossip - when talking to NPC's you will have the chance to tell them certain things about yourself from a choice of events which your character has recently been involved in. So if you want to spread fear and gain a bad reputation, then tell them it was really you who killed that King, or if you just took out that high-level boss monster, then tell every NPC in your village to spread the word that you're the new hero in town!

As we mentioned, your fame and reputation attributes can go up or down depending on how you wish to play, however do note that your own fame and reputation can have adverse effects back to your family and associated guilds.