Prelyria (formerly known as VoxElyria) is a low-poly version of the Chronicles of Elyria game which is used to for the game's development team and alpha/beta backers the chance to start testing out the mechanics, features, AI and story engine that will be available in Elyria's full release.

Hosted on the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), the idea of Prelyria is that core mechanics and features can be tested, bug fixed, changed and updated much more quickly than if they were tested within the full release game, being as Prelyria is built to showcase the mechanics of the world, instead of graphical impression.

From VoxElyria to Prelyria

Originally, Prelyria was known as VoxElyria, and was scheduled to be a web-based, voxel-based version of the Chronicles of Elyria game. Although, as of Alpha 0.40, it was deemed by the development team that a voxel-based system would not allow the full functionality of mechanics that the team and alpha players could test, thus the decision was made to change from voxel, to a low-poly version on a similar Unreal Engine client engine as the full game.

Old VoxElyria Concept Art

New Prelyria Concept Art

When will PreElyria be released?

In the official release schedule, PreElyria was anticipated to be released during Q4 2017 (between Oct - Dec), however this now more likely Q4 2018 (Oct - Dec).

What can I do in Prelyria?

Prelyria will host the multiplayer mechanics within a virtual Elyrian world, where players can interact with the world and with each other through the following in-game features:

  • Communication
  • Contracts (Explicit)
  • Crime & Punishment
  • Economy
  • Families
  • Identities
  • Organizations
  • Parties / Grouping
  • Reputation / Fame
  • Achievements
  • Artificial Intelligence (NPCs)
  • Ecology
  • Dynamic Environments
  • Character Lifecycle
  • Souls
  • Story-Engine
  • Survival Mechanics
  • Basic Combat
  • Crafting

Although, please note that the actions, animations and user experience of your character will be limited to the low-poly based system and is purely to offer the chance of early backers to alpha/beta test in-game functions before they become real features within the main Chronicles of Elyria game.

Not all areas and features will be available at the initial Prelyria release. Over time, the dev team will be able to incorporate more of the game's features, with the ability for Prelyria players to test out the core functionality.


Prelyria will leverage the Soulborn Engine to expose characters to a dynamic, evolving story-line in which they have control of the narrative.

Historical Timeline

In terms of story and lore, the historical timeline for which Prelyria is set to take place in is before the prologue and the events that happen within it.

In addition, where the prologue is designed to take place over a couple of in-game days, Prelyria is intended to span anywhere from 30 to 50 in-game years and may include features for testing that won't be available straight away during the prologue upon official release.