Getting married within Chronicles of Elyria is possible (to either an NPC or other player) and is a feature within the in-game family mechanics.

Unless specifically changed within the Marriage Contract (see the Prenuptial Agreement section below), any lands and titles will be shared with the newly wedded spouse, giving shared ownership to both partners to whichever possessions both hold.

Who Can I Marry?

  • An Eligible PC (Player Character)
  • An Eligible NPC
  • An NPC or PC of the opposite sex
  • An NPC or PC of the same sex

Prenuptial Agreements

If you decided that you didn't want to share ownership of lands or a title with your new wife or husband, then this can be agreed upon by altering the Marriage Contract beforehand.

The Marriage Contract can be altered before a marriage is completed in order to limit the sharing of possessions once married, therefore, legal prenuptial agreements (aka prenups) are entirely possible within Elyria.

This gives added protection in the event that a person tries to marry another purely for the sake of taking ownership of their lands and title - aka gold diggers.