The Kypiq are a mischievous tribe of small forest dwelling peoples. Having adapted to their environment both physically and mechanically, they can often be seen zipping from tree to tree to avoid the dangers their land provide.

Noteworthy Info

The Kypiq are known for intricate networks of ziplines to travel through their forest.  Due to the trees being spaced out, traveling directly tree-to-tree without their aid would not be possible typically, and so the Kypiq have used their keen intellect to help them master their domain.

The Kinothian is a school dedicated to alchemy, where some of the most knowledgeable alchemists in the Kypiq lands go to study and teach.  The school is located in the Northern mushroom forests.

Another school, the Arkyn, is a joint effort between the Neran and Kypiq to learn from one another the mysteries of Tinkering and Mechanics.


  • Small Size
    • Adept at Hiding
    • Can Fit Where Other Tribes Can’t
  • Low Light Vision
  • Can Mimic Animal Sounds


  • Small Size
    • Cannot Reach Places Other Tribes Can
    • Gear Restrictions
    • Limited to Smaller Mounts
  • Vegetarians
  • Glass Jaw - Increased Susceptibility to Stuns

Physical Traits

  • Height 4’ / 122 cm (Average)
  • Weight 60 lbs / 27 kg (Average)
  • Low Strength
  • Low Resilience
  • High Agility

Mental Traits

  • High Intellect

Social Traits

  • High Social
Kypiq Male
Kypiq Female

Languages Known

  • Neran
  • Forest Chatter


  • Faedin

Commonly Used Resources


  • Fruits
  • Other Vegetation

Construction Resources

  • Leaves/Branches (Primary)
  • Ironwood (Primary)


  • Wood (Primary)
  • Metal (Secondary)


  • Leaves
  • Cloth (Secondary)
  • Silk (Primary)


  • Ground (Mounds)
  • Wood (Stumps)
  • Metal (Secondary)

Tribal Relations

Kypiq Homeland