Identity In Chronicles of Elyria represents your character's name, heritage, association, fame and reputation.

Although, within Elyria, the mechanic's for a player's Identity and the people around them is much like in real life.

When first passing by a player within the virtual world, you will not be able to see their name, profession or really any part of their Identity. And so just like in real life, you will not know who others are until you greet them and exchange basic details unless of course, that particular person is part of your family or is of great enough fame such as a royal figure, known within your location.

How Can I Hide My Identity?

It's quite possible to mask your Identity with the use of a Cape or Mask. Although by doing so may add extra attention to your character, as usually those who are trying to mask their Identity are normally up to no good.

How Can I Change My Identity?

By using skills within the Deviant skill tree, you may change (or mask) your real identity, posing as somebody completely different.

With the correct forged documentation by using the Forgery skill and equipping a Disguise by using a Disguise Kit, you can change your character's identity to that of someone new, or even impersonate another player entirely.