Guild Tokens

At $10 each, and until the start of Exposition Access, Guild Tokens can be purchased from COE’s merchandise store, with a limit of 3 tokens per person.

Guild Token

Guild tokens may be claimed by anyone who has pledged the Elyrian or higher pledge package and they carry the below effects.

  • Notoriety – The mechanics for a guild’s Reputation and Fame. With each Guild Token received, the guild will have an increased amount of fame, therefore making it more known, with an increased chance of NPC’s participating with the organisation.
  • Research Points – For schools, each Guild Token increases the Research Points, while other organisations receive a small amount of added resources to start off with.
  • Expansion – For every 15 Guild Tokens received, the organisation is granted an additional building, whether it be used to increase the size of an existing building, or create a separate building altogether.

Guild Tokens will only be available until Exposition Access starts, and will define the starting fame and size of the guild. Once the tokens are no longer available for sale, and when COE officially launches to the public, the fame and size of a guild will only be able to be increased through hard work, research and by having the materials required to do so.