Disguises in Chronicles of Elyria are sure to make the world a much more divergent place, especially on the deviant side of the player base.

They can be equipped by your character in order to conceal or change their true Identity, letting you take on the form of someone else.

A Disguise is most commonly used when changing one's Identity.

Benefits of Disguises

  • Less likely to be spotted as your original Identity.
  • The ability to copy or impersonate someone else.
  • Able to travel the world anonymously.
  • Evading¬†detection when committing crimes.
  • Because it's cool to be someone else!

Limitations of Disguises

  • Family can see through your disguise 100% of the time.
  • The player you Impersonate can see through your disguise.
  • Players who are friends with the person you Impersonate have a higher chance of seeing through your disguise.
  • The more you wear your disguise in front of the same people, the higher the chance of them seeing through it.

Creating a Unique Disguise

The creation and equipping of a Disguise uses the Disguise Skill within the Deviant Skill tree. The number of items you can equip to disguise yourself with will vary depending on that level.


You can create your own unique disguises by combing multiple clothing and accessory pieces, including:

  • Capes & Cloaks
  • Masks
  • Hoods
  • Wigs
  • Shawls
  • Generic Clothing/Armor
  • Rings & Jewellery

After piecing together your disguise pieces, combine them to create a Disguise Kit. This will let you change your player's current look to that of your disguise.

Impersonating Someone Else

When your player has a high enough Disguise Skill, it's possible to impersonate another player and create a Disguise Kit that will let you take on their look and with the right forged documentation, you could even pretend to be them entirely!


Impersonating someone else will take some time and a high skill level, but the advantages of becoming someone else, especially if they're high in authority could be endless. Imagine walking into an Elyrian bank disguised as another wealthy player with forged ID and withdrawing their hard earned gold? Now that's Deviant!


In order to Impersonate someone else and create a Disguise Kit of their look, you would need to spend some time firstly observing the other player, their actions, their style and personality.

Secondly, you'll need to acquire a piece of their clothing, either by stealing it yourself or paying someone else to get it for you. Once bundled together with the rest of the required matching clothing pieces which resemble their normal attire, you'll be able to craft a Disguise Kit to turn your look into that of the impersonated person.