Can you truly care about your actions without first thinking about the consequences?

Chronicles of Elyria is serious about creating an almost-lifelike world, so for this to really happen, death must also be fairly realistic, making you think about your actions.


Incapacitation will be the most common 'death' within Chronicles of Elyria - although the character only goes unconscious, rather than completely dying.

During Incapacitation, when the player's health has reached zero, their screen will go black so that they can't see around them, but will still be able to hear.

A timer will count down, and once it reaches its expiry, the player will wake up with no long-term penalties.

Incapacitation can occur from player attacks and creatures /monsters, however, does not cause any Spirit Loss and will not reduce your characters maximum age or Soul.

Coup De Grace

Pronounced "Koo-duh-grah" - this type of Death causes the player to Spirit Walk (see below). It can be completed after a player has Incapacitated you, or by a small amount of rare NPC creatures/monsters who wish to do you major harm.

Being Coup De Graced will result in Spirit Loss, shortening your characters Soul and their maximum age/play time within the world.

Those characters of a higher authority e.g Mayor, Count, King will lose a higher amount of Spirit Loss due to their notability and fame. This ensures that players with high authority and fame can not just be killed over and over again without consequences. It also means that, like in real life, people of high authority such as a King or Queen will be more susceptible to PermaDeath and so will need loyal followers and guards to protect them from assassination.

Spirit Walking

Upon being Coup De Graced, your character's Soul (as an astral projection of your character's body) will be transported to the Astral Planes.

The Astral Planes is the instance between the Elyrian World and the Akashic Records, whereby your Soul must make its way back to its body.

Depending on how much Spirit your Soul has (dependable on how often you've died previously and the age of your character), you'll see a Silver Cord which is directing you towards your body.

The less Spirit you have, the fainter and unprecise the cord will be, likewise, the more Spirit you have, the thicker and precise the cord will be, making it easier or harder to find your body.

As long as you can match your Soul with your body in time, you'll be able to respawn your character back into the world, which an amount of Spirit loss during the process, making it slightly harder the next time to regroup your body and soul.

If you don't make it back to your body in time, then PermaDeath will be imminent.

The astral planes, so beautiful that it may be even be worth dieing just to pay it a visit.


Let’s cut to the chase, there is permadeath in this game…OMG sounds crazy right?! Yes, yes it does, but after you’ve read into how the system actually works, you’ll feel a lot better about it.

Permadeath is real, however… this will only happy if:

  1. Your body is unrecoverable, such as you jump inside a volcano or you run out of fatigue and drown at the bottom of the ocean.
  2. Your character is too weak for your soul to make it back to your body during Spirit Walking.

Looting During Death

The final thing to note about Death, both Incapacitation and Coup De Grace is being vulnerable to being looted.

This is broken down into three instances:

Quick Loot

During Incapacitation, other players near your corpse may perform a 'Quick Loot' where they can grab items you were holding such as a weapon, the reins of your horse or any money within a purse.
Items inside a backpack, on a belt or items you are wearing such as armor can NOT be looted at this stage.

Inventory Loot

During a Coup De Grace while the dead player is Spirit Walking, another player may perform an Inventory Loot, which not only lets them take the same objects as during a Quick Loot, but they are able to view the backpack and un-attach any items such as weapons and jewellery, but not take off their armor.

Corpse Loot

The last stage of Looting is when a character has died a PermaDeath, and so others may steal any item from the dead body such as armor or even take their body parts - eww!

Although, please note that Looting a player during ANY instance is a crime and could be punishable by the laws in your specific Kingdom.