Contracts in Chronicles of Elyria is a unique feature to the game and opens up a whole new way to play and the freedom for players to negotiate trades, activities, tasks and to create jobs, with a legal agreement being made between the parties involved.

A contract trade agreement.

The Contract system will be able to cater for a wide range of agreements, such as:

  • Getting someone to collect materials on your behalf.
  • Passing over expensive materials to a crafter for them to craft you a rare item.
  • Delivering an urgent parcel to a friend in another city.
  • Assassinating someone.
  • Hiring a bodyguard to protect you from harm.
  • And many other life-like and in-game jobs!

Types of Contracts

There are two types of Contracts in the world of Elyria; Implicit and Explicit. Explicit Contracts are the standard contracts you'll be using and really the only main type of contract type you'll need to know, however being aware of Implicit contracts will also help you better understand one if you unknowingly coming across one.

Explicit Contracts

An Implicit Contract can be made between just 2 players or multiple players and uses an on-screen overlay within the game where you and the other person can negotiate the terms and any exchange of money/items (if applicable) that are to be involved.

Once negotiated, a physical copy of the Contract is printed onto parchment (a Blank Parchment will be required) and the Contract itself becomes a physical item within your inventory - meaning that if it ever becomes stolen or lost, and the other person doesn't stick to their end of the agreement, then we're afraid there's not much you can do legally being as you no longer have any proof that the Contract was made in the first place.

Implicit Contracts

Implicit Contracts are simpler to understand but can be a lot more dangerous if you don't know they exist. They're normally passive, meaning that they're always active. They are the Laws set within your current location/Kingdom, set up by the founding King and his or her court. They are much like the laws in the real world with the most common being: No Stealing, No Killing etc.

There is a second way an Implicit Contract can be made and that involves an heirloom, artifact or rare item. When equipping the item on your character, an Implicit Contract may be forced upon you.

An example of this would be the "Ring of the King" - whereby whoever wears the ring, would be classed as the King.
Or the 'One Ring' in LOTR, whereby wearing the ring made you invisible, but at the cost of being seen by the Ringwraiths.

A contract agreement inside a players backpack.

How To Use A Contract

Contracts are based on your Scribing skill, so for more advanced Contracts, you'll either need to learn Scribing yourself, or buy ready made Contracts from another Scribe.

Then you'll need to meet with person/party involved and open the Contract Negotiation screen, where you'll be able to customise the terms of the contract, the point of the contract, any payment upon completion and the time frame.

Two players creating a contract between them using the onscreen overlay feature.

Failing A Contract

Contracts are meant to make players feel safe when they complete deals and actions for others. However, for one reason or another, Contracts can and will be broken - but don't fear, as there are ways and means to counteract any illegal behaviour.

If YOU Broke The Contract -

If you're the one who broke the Contract by not completing the task due to unforeseen circumstances or lack of time, then you should return to the contract giver, explain to them why you couldn't complete the task and ask them to renew the contract with a fresh agreement.

Unless you're deviant of course, then you just have to hope that the other player doesn't take your actions (or lack of them) to a legal representative in order to take legal action against you. Alternatively, if the other player accidentally loses the physical contract parchment (or if it gets stolen *winkyface*), then they have no power to provoke legal action against you.

If THEY Broke The Contract -

  1. Keep the physical Contract parchment as Safe and Hidden as possible (you won't be able to do anything without it)
  2. Generate a Bounty Token
  3. Go to your Local County Sheriff, appointed Security Personnel or attempt to track down the contract breaker yourself.
  4. Reclaim money or items from the contract-breaker,  recover it from their home or Incapacitate them in order for them to be bound and taken to the County Sheriff's office to be detained and judged.

Note: This checklist is not definitive and may change depending on the laws of the Kingdom where the crime(s) were committed.