Following on from Marriage, two characters within Chronicles of Elyria may procreate and create a child, expanding upon you and your partner's title and legacy.

Once born into the world, there are three options which will convey a child's future, these are:

Closing Off A Child

You may choose to 'Close Off' your child which will stop other players from being taking it over as their new character.

While being Closed Off, the child will move around within the world as an NPC and live within your household.

Closing off a child isn't permanent and can be taken over by yourself at a later dateĀ if your previous character permanently dies, or you may open it up freely or share it's Child Code to a friend.

Making It Publicly Available

You may open your child up to the public, and in doing so, when the child reaches the age of 15, will be able to be taken over by a real player at random.

This is useful if you wish to grow your family quickly with real players joining and expanding upon your family name, although they will acquire your name and possibly a share of your lands if you die.

Making It Privately Available

You may open up your child to be possessed by a real player, but lock it out so only you may choose who exactly gets to take over it.

Every NPC Child will hold a "Child Code" which can be passed over to a friend. Once the child reaches 15 years of age, your friend will be able to use the Child Code to take over control of that child.

This opens up the ability for friends, family and organisations to play together within the same family, and also lets you and your friends play together even if the server population is full, as Child Codes will still allow your friends to join your server, even if it's normally set as closed due to full capacity.