Just like in real life, aging within Chronicles of Elyria affects your player's appearance, physical skills and mental skills.

However, don't be put off thinking that by the time you're 70, you won't be able to do much within the world.

Your character can live up to 120 (in-game) years, but note that this timeframe can be cut short depending on how often your player dies from a reduced amount of spirit within their soul.

Players start their character at the age of 15 when joining a family, or 12 when being a Ward of the State (orphan) [see the Character Creation page for more info].

As your character ages, even when offline, you'll be able to notice physical, aesthetic and mental changes.

Aesthetic Changes (Appearance):

  • Wounds & Scars
  • Greying of Hair
  • Actual Hair Loss
  • Wrinkles
  • Age Spots
  • Muscle Loss
  • Height Reduction
  • Change In Posture

Physical Changes:

  • Decreased Ability to Maintain Strength
  • Decreased Ability to Maintain Agility
  • Decreased Ability to Maintain Stamina

Mental Changes:

  • Increased Ability to Maintain Will
  • Increased Ability to Maintain Reason
  • Increased Ability to Maintain Focus
  • Increased Ability to Maintain Intuition
  • Increased Ability to Maintain Leadership

This means that as your character gets older, they'll less likely be able to go out adventuring and fighting when they reach 70+ years old, but instead will be able to improve their other skills such as crafting, teaching, reasoning, intuition and leadership.

This may discourage those who prefer a more action-packed play style, but offers them the ability to wind down their character, improve their home and status, set their will and learn skills that will help them in their next life - ready for when they take over a possible heir and giving them a prepared head start.

An older Elyrian aging from 55 to 75 years old.