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Amory and Vendor Tents at the back of the Jousting Arena

Jousting Combat Update

With less than two weeks to go until PAX West 2017, the Soulbound Studio team have been journeying forward with their Jousting demo experience at an incredible rate. The layout of the Tiltyard (the jousting courtyard), buildings, scenery, fauna, flora, armor, sounds, ambiance and particle effects have been worked on by¬†Wiz, Heat, Racronos, Raevantiel, Michael…
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Jousting Arena Concept Art

Jousting Combat in Chronicles of Elyria

With PAX West 2017 fast approaching, the Chronicles of Elyria team are working all out in order to have a working demo of their jousting combat system ready for eager fans to bite their teeth into during the PAX event. Keeping to the low-fantasy element of the game, jousting adds an exciting combat method rarely…
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New horse pirate tribe confirmed.

Media Highlights from July

A new month begins and the previous ends, and with it comes a whole new bunch of awesome media from the Chronicles of Elyria dev team. In this month’s highlights, we’ve got some screenshots of male and female characters exploring the world, a glimpse of how nighttime within the world will look, male and female…
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Chronicles of Elyria Release Date Schedule

Chronicles of Elyria was first brought to the public’s attention back in July 2015, when Soulbound Studios released details about their epic tale on Just over a month later, CoE had 2,000 registered members on their own website and two months following that, racked up 5,000 registered members. Fast forward to the present day,…
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Improved Graphics in SilverRun Mine 1

Media Highlights from June

Another month has passed and we’ve had a lot of news from the Chronicles of Elyria dev team about Tribes – which is all very exciting, as well as previews and screenshots showing sneak peaks of creatures and features currently being worked on within the game. In case you missed any of, here are the…
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