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Nobility Pledge Packages

Return of Layaway and Pledge Package Changes

Vye, Senior Producer at Soulbound Studios recently posted a news update about changes that will be coming to the Chronicles of Elyria pledge package store during November, including the return of layaway, the decommission of 3 packages and price increase of the remaining packages. If there was ever a time to buy your first pledge……
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A La Carte Item Price List

New Pledge Items from November 2017

Caspian (aka Jeromy Walsh), CEO of Soulbound Studio released a news update this week about a new range of “A La Carte” items (items that can be purchased separately from each other) which will be available within the Chronicles of Elyria official store from the 1st November. These additions, consisting mostly of in-game items will…
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Media Highlights from September Featured Image

Media Highlights from September

Happy October All! It’s officially Autumn and we have plenty of exciting things to look forward to over the coming months with Halloween, Thanks Giving and Christmas (country/religion dependent, but those are what I couldĀ think of off the top of my head), and of course… hopefully some cool new updates from the Soulbound team! During…
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World Map Large

Choosing Your Server and Kingdom

Chronicles of Elyria may not be coming out as a full release game for a good while yet, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pre-choose which server and Kingdom you’d like to play on when the day finally arrives for us to give up our day jobs and get sucked into the world of…
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The Tilt Fence

Media Highlights from August

August has come and gone and with the Soulbound Studio team focused on the Jousting showcase for PAX West 2017, we’ve seen a lot of Jousting media released from the team. In case you’ve missed the past few weeks, here’s a run down of the latest screenshots, concept art and clips released from the Chronicles…
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