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Character Creation Screen 1

Surname Reservation Is Here

Hail Adventurers! Good news approaches from the lands of Elyria… that’s right, character surname reservation is now live! What Does It Mean? Anyone who currently has a paid off pledge package which includes “Surname” will now have the ability to reserve their in-game families surname, dependant on their Influence. In Influence order, each account that…
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Production Update: January 2018

Yesterday (26th January 2018), Vye released a very exciting production update for us named “Sense of Identity”. Within this update, she mentions updates regarding character customisation, object interaction, VOXElyria, languages and more! If you’ve not got the time to read the full thing, he’s our summarised version below…. Character Customisation Right from the get-go when…
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Cinematic Preview of a Dryas Elk and a Pteroguin

Cinematic Trailer – The Enemy You Don’t See

2018 is in full swing and the Soulbound Studios team has started it with a bang! Check out the cinematic trailer above where we learn a brief introduction to the Tundra’s Dryas Elk, the fierce Pteroguin and the hidden enemy… Video Subtitles: A small herd of Dryas Elk enter one of the harshest Winters in…
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Chronicles of Elyria Swamp Desert Biome - Pre Alpha Screenshot

Media Highlights from December

We hope that you’ve all had a fantastic holiday season, Christmas and New Year! December has been pretty quiet on the Chronicles of Elyria news and updates front, and with the holiday season, it’s no surprise. We can surely forgive the dev team for taking a bit of time off, right? Anyway, if you’ve missed…
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Chronicles of Elyria Taiga Biome - Pre Alpha Screenshot

New Screenshots Revealed (Dec 2017)

It’s the weekend, but that doesn’t stop the Soulbound Studio team from treating us to some of the best in-game screenshots we’ve ever seen! The Chronicles of Elyria world is no doubt getting more and more appealing the more screenshots we get our hands on, and we’re sure you’ll agree after seeing them too. From…
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