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Elyria Store Items March April

Festival of Renewal Store Promo Now Live

It’s that time of the year… the Flower Festival has begun in Elyria and with it a whole heap of awesome goodies have arrived in the promotion store. From yesterday, 22nd March 2019 through to Thursday 4th April, you’ll be able to purchase the below items in the Chronicles of Elyria store. Pilgrimage Survival KitA…
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Pre-Alpha PreElyria Mixed Leaf Forest

PreElyria & PreAlpha 0.5.0 Updates

For the last 18 months, the Soulbound Studio team have been working their butts off towards completing their first playable version, dubbed 0.5.0, a major milestone in releasing a complete(ish) game for their Alpha backers to test, play and enjoy. The main focus with 0.5.0 is the testing of mechanics and will be released to…
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Prelyria screenshot of a player near a river.

Prelyria – The New VoxElyria

As most of you will probably already know, VoxElyria was the name for the Chronicles of Elyria test game client, which opened up a way for the developers, and alpha backers to test the game’s core game mechanics without having to integrate everything with the real game release, or the need to create 3D graphics…
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Chronicles of Elyria Biome Screenshot for Rocky Mountain Steppe 4

Media Highlights for September 2018

Another month within the Elyrian calendar has come and gone, and with it, so has the Festival of Passage and the limited time items which were available in the store these past weeks. Next month, October focuses on a second known comet making its appearance within the sky and holds a lot of lore around the Al’tifali…
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Festival of Passage Banner

Festival of Passage & Limited Time Items

The Searing Plague has ended, and thankfully we’re still here to tell the tale of the dreadful plague which spread far and wide throughout Elyria. Fear not, for after all that agony and death a new celebration is upon us within the Elyrian calendar… the Festival of Passage. Once per lifetime, every 52 years (in…
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