Forum/Discord Rules – Mandatory Read [Sticky]

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    The goal of these forums and Discord are to be as open as possible, while at the same time constructive to the community. That means while we allow more conflict than the CoE Forums would allow, we do still have rules and will enforce them without hesitation.

    The following are not allowed, and will be punishable by removal of posts, temporary bans and permanent bans at the Moderator’s and Admin’s approval.

    Disagreements over bans are not allowed in public, and should be kept to email/PM’s with the Admin’s who are the only ones who will be allowed to override bans.

    Disagreements regarding the actions of a Moderator is also not allowed in public, and should be kept to email/PM’s with the Admin’s who will look into the action to ensure the correct action was taken.

    Rules –

    No Providing real life information about another user that has not been explicitly provided by the user themselves (thus just because you know the person’s name does not mean you are allowed to dig through their Facebook/other sources to dredge up personal information and post it on the forums). If the user posts their own information such as their Facebook, or real name, then that is their choice to make.

      As not everyone is a roleplayer, the Dance of Dynasties is not always going to be about a person’s in game character, and so attacking someone’s online persona is allowed, however the above rule applies, real life personal information should be used to attack or harass anyone.

      Users should in general NOT post personal information about themselves. Be smart regarding what information and photos you share.

    No Spamming the forums or discord, all posts should be constructive to their respective topics and channels, and constant one-word responses and ‘bump’s are not allowed.

    No derailing forum topics. If you want to change the topic from what you are currently talking about, start a new topic, simple as that.

    No NSFW or excessive swearing in your posts, unless there is a forum section designated by the Admin’s as a NSFW area.

    No discussion regarding how to use hacks, exploits, or banned 3rd party programs, etc are allowed, and anyone trying to hack or exploit CoE will be banned and reported to the dev teams so that they are aware of the potential issues.

    No real life racism, sexism, or other forms of discrimination allowed. If it pertains to the game it is allowable, such as talking of purging the Kypiq or Virtori crusading across the server to crush the non-believers.

    And lastly, and obviously, No illegal activity.

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