Hail Elyrian! Take a seat, kick off those muddy boots and let us pour you an ale (on a tab of course) while you chat in our Chronicles of Elyria forums. We have travelers, Mann, and non-Mann from all parts of the Elyrian world, so whether it’ll be to tell everyone about your recent adventures, a new thriving city you’ve uncovered, a plot you’ve discovered to murder the King, or maybe you’re here to hire an assassin to do such a task, the forums are the place to do all the above and more!

About Our Chronicles of Elyria Forums

Our forums are specially catered to talking about all things Chronicles of Elyria, the new and upcoming MMORPG online game for PC. So if you’re looking for a place to relax at the end of a hard working day out adventuring, gathering or producing, grab a beer, tip the Bard so they’ll play us a tune and unwind!

We offer forums for all kinds of COE chat, from guild and organisations to professions and roleplay. So whatever’s on your mind, or whatever you’d like to share with your fellow Elyrians, we’d love to hear from you!

Unlike Our Swords, The Rules Don’t Bend

Being the unofficial forums for Chronicles of Elyria, our members can express their feelings and thoughts in a more open way, and freedom of speech is welcome. However, although we’re pretty relaxed around here about what’s said, please note that we do still have a few rules.

If you’re new here, please head over to our Rules & Introductions thread.